Another Group Of Around 100 Sri Lanka Telecom Engineers And Managers Were Service Oriented!

Submitted by Kamal Wickramanayake on June 22, 2007 - 08:00

Another group of around 100 engineers and managers of Sri Lanka Telecom went through the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) training conducted by Kamal on 21st of June, 2007 in two sessions.

The training sessions were based on a customized version of "Essentials of Service Oriented Architecture" offered by Software View. The sessions illustrated how IT requirements (services) are identified from business processes, defining an agile IT infrastructure based on SOA, how to define and proceed with an SOA road-map among other topics with a focus on realizing the maximum return and not implementing sub-optimal solutions.

Some of the happy faces gathered at the auditorium of the Colombo SLT Head Office (Some had come from Jaffna, Batticallo,...):