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Introduction to Test Driven Development with jUnit

When: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 (10.00 AM GMT, 11.00 AM BST)
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Test driven development (TDD) which is also known as test first programming or test infected programming refers to the practice of software developers where they write code test cases before the actual application code is written. This practice enhances the code and design quality of the software, reduces bugs and improves the overall software development efficiency.

JUnit is a Java library that facilitates TDD in Java. It is the de facto standard. It has many extensions and has also been ported to many different programming languages.

Training Objectives:

At the end of the training, participants will be able to

  1. Describe the benefits of test driven development and practice the same.
  2. Design, organize and develop good unit tests with JUnit.
  3. Use JUnit 3 and 4 syntax to code JUnit test cases.

Target Groups:

  1. Java developers


  1. You should be familiar with Java programming language. Expert knowledge is not needed.

Communication Language:



1.5 hours


Kamal Wickramanayake (Profile)

Training Content:

  1. Introduction to Test Driven Development
    • What is test driven development (or test infected programming)?
    • What is unit testing?
    • Comparing unit testing with debugging
    • Who should write these tests?
    • Qualities expected from a regression testing framework
  2. Introduction to JUnit
    • How to represent a test in JUnit?
    • Test fixture
    • TestCase class and different assertions
    • Running a test
    • Writing JUnit version 3 and 4 test cases
  3. Test Organization
    • Using different source directories for tests and application code
    • Implementing multiple tests within a TestCase
    • Test code skeleton auto generation
    • TestSuites