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Web Services With Java Training


Web Services has become a widely used integration technology in modern software systems. It facilitates interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over computer networks. As a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation technology and a cloud computing enabler, Web Services receives prime consideration in enterprise computing.

Java Standard Edition (Java SE 6) Training


Java is one of the most popular programming languages used to implement enterprise and mobile applications. Java Standard Edition covers the core language features. Developers should first be conversant with the core language features to work with higher level application environments like Java Enterprise Edition or Mobile Edition.

This training covers Java Standard Edition version 1.6, object oriented programming in Java, Eclipse IDE as a development platform, regression testing with JUnit, details of garbage collection and some amount of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) performance tuning. It is also packed with development best practices.

Spring Framework Training


Spring Framework is a revolutionary application development framework that has dramatically changed the way Java applications are built and integrated together. While the original versions had limited features, Spring has now evolved to a stage that it is so serious to be neglected. Spring helps applications be developed faster, encourages loose coupling, modularization, testability and reuse of components. It also simplifies integration, adaptability and reconfigurability of Java applications to an unexampled level.