Return Policy


This Return Policy guarantees that your payments will be refunded by us in case of non-delivery of our services and describes cancellation charges that are applicable in special circumstances.

Training participation cancellation request made by you

If you want to cancel your participation in a training program after initial registration, the following amounts are refunded.

Notification received by us before the training date Refund amount
5 days or more Your full payment will be refunded.
Less than 5 days 10% of the full training fee will be charged as the cancellation fee. The rest will be refunded.

In case you participate in a training program at the beginning and fail to appear later on, no refunds will be made. You will be requested to complete your participation when the same training program is rescheduled within four months (Four months are calculated from the date the initial training program finishes).

Training cancellation by Software View

If a training program is canceled either fully or partially by us due to our own causes, we will request you to consider another time period for the training. We will refund your full payment in case you are unable to attend such a rescheduled training program.