Do I fit for that training?

At Software View, we don't evaluate your abilities and fitness for a training just based on your education. You may or may not have formal education, certifications or experience in a field. It is still possible that you are in a good shape to participate in a training and understand most, if not all, the content of a training with clarity and accomplish all the stated training objectives.

Or else, you might have a compelling reason to participate in a training despite your present educational or experience based background.

In any case, we strongly suggest that you get your doubts clarified before enrolling with a training so that you can attend a training with confidence. Or else, you will be able to understand the extent to which you will benefit from your participation.

Preferably, you can do so by contacting us. Or else you can talk to an expert in the field. Before anything else,  read the training details page in full. If you choose to contact us, indicate your concerns clearly with background information and also let us know your telephone/mobile numbers in case we feel talking to you.

We will sincerely assist you in deciding whether you should participate in a training or not. Or else we might ask you to get familiar with some areas of interest before you come for the training (For example, we might be able to suggest some preparatory reading material). If you have no options than to participate in a doubtful situation, we might at least be able to set the expectations so that you will not be surprised at the end.

We do not want you to attend a training and leave with dissatisfaction because such cases are detrimental to both parties.