Project Management

Agile Software Development Processes And Project Management Training


For software development companies, a sound development methodology is a key to success. However, history shows ample amounts of cases where developers divert from the process they said to follow. Furthermore, some processes add significant overheads undermining the productivity at which the final goal is achieved - the working software. Agile is where the theory meets the real life. Than heavy weight software development processes, more and more companies embrace agile approaches due to the more realistic and practical means used to develop software, significantly enhanced productivity of development and continuous high value delivery to the client with guaranteed client satisfaction.

Software Project Effort Estimation Training


Despite the difficulties of predicting future, estimating software projects (development, quality assurance or maintenance) is an essential need. An estimate helps pricing and planning the project before the project starts. Afterwards, an estimate helps in managing the project progress. Hence, attempts to make an estimate as realistic as possible is paramount to the success of software project undertaking companies.

Writing Effective Use Cases Training


Use case technique is by far the most widely used approach in capturing functional requirements of software systems. Use cases are effective, sufficiently detailed and clearly describes how software systems are used.

Unfortunately, many write use cases without a clear understanding of how they are used. This leads to diverse styles and structures leading to confusion or inferior requirements management.