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Advanced Training on Drupal Content Management System

Training Description:

Do you want to create highly interactive fabulous web sites within the shortest possible time? How about starting up your web site business in just 5 days? Payment you may receive for your first Drupal web site job can far exceed the investment you make in this great training program.

Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP. Distributed free of charge and being an open source product, it is being used as a mainstream dynamic web site and web application implementation platform for the Internet and intranets. A large number of Drupal modules (which are again available free of charge) extend the core platform to add diverse features.

This training is comprehensive in its coverage. Simple and advanced Drupal deployment scenarios are covered. Anyone who wants to create fabulous web sites or web applications that are database driven and having rich user interaction facilities will benefit from participation.

Web Services With PHP Training


Web Services is the most widely used technology in implementing SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based enterprise applications. Given that most of the applications that we implement today are aligned towards SOA, it makes sense for all enterprise application developers be familiar with Web Services. This training teaches you how to implement and consume Web Services in PHP. Also included are the details of a number of related technologies that Web Services developers should know about.

Creating Database Driven Web Sites And Applications With PHP


PHP is probably the most widely used language in implementing dynamic web sites and applications. It is light weight but used to implement simple as well as complex web based systems. This training on PHP covers the basics as well as the advanced features of PHP. It also goes into covering some useful libraries, frameworks, tools and best practices in implementing database driven web sites and applications.